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Uber Banners

Church sign

Uber Desi sponsored Macaca classes at the local church

Superman meets Umrao Jaan

Apache Indian

Desi Family in the Namesake

Using the Premier Padmini – The second most popular car of yesteryear in India

From our personal collection of photos, this one is a South Indian Tam-Bram wedding.

Narain Karthikeyan with his contraversial helmet driving a Jordan

Mallaika Sherawat

From our personal collection of photos, a Desi-party.

Another one from our personal collection of photos in a tipsy state.

Personal photo collection again. Santosh playing the snake charmer and one of our guests playing the snake.

From the Senator George Allen chronicles

Paying homage to the desi moustache

The reason air-conditioning is not needed in that part of the world

If looks could kill ………

Truly a wonder to behold

Caricature of the desi guy in the U.S.

Preity woman

Gully cricket

A picture of a Hindu god named Murugan aka. Karthik (hint hint).

A1GP Team India in Sepang.

The Indian cricket team. Will they ever win a series ever again?

Superstar from one of his recent movies.

India’s most exported Rum, Santosh buys most cases of it.

India’s most famous beer.

A bullock cart from India.

The picture of a BEST bus as found in Mumbai (formerly Bombay).

A post box from India.

Never get tired of seeing her.

Traditional dancer.

Dhaba serving food late at night.

Throat cancer central a.k.a paan-beedi store

Only if this was available 50 years earlier on the sub-continent.

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