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Q. What does the “uber” in uberdesi.com stand for?

A. Uber is a German word. Karthik came up with the term uber desi and as you probably guessed Karthik is not of German descent. His only claim to anything remotely German is the car he drives and the fact that he visited Germany recently. Maybe he stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, who knows?

Getting back to the point, uber probably means super but not all the time. We user uber more in a sense of super / very . Uber desi = Very desi/ Super Desi. Get it? I know. That’s really clever of us. The meaning really oscillates between super, very, super cool, awesome and/or (insert superlative adjective) here.

Q. Who is an “uber desi”?

A. Anyone and everyone who is associated with this blog – reader, contributor, blogger – is an uber desi. Why? Because we’ve deemed it appropriate and passed an unanimous resolution to that effect over Sweetwater 420 beer with pizza and hummous-pita.

Q. I studied in a prestigious university in India/US and I would like to be a blogger on your site.

A. Your prayers have been answered. To be a full-time blogger with Über Desi, you must have 1+ year of regular blogging experience, preferably with Wordpress, and must commit to at least 1 post per week. However, if you’ve never blogged before and feel this is for you, you can join Über Desi as a contributor-blogger (sort of an internship) and if you post regularly with due diligence, you can become a full time blogger. Get in touch with us through this page and we will get you started.

Q. Where do you guys get your material from?

A. Al Gore created this tool called the Internet. No seriously, we just go through the daily news clippings, blogs, tabloids, editorials. You name it. We blog it.

Q. I kinda sorta like this blog.

A. If you do please let us know via the Tipster page. If you like this blog please feel free to link us to your friends, macacas and countrymen.

Q. Can I send you some interesting stories to blog on?

A. Of course you can. Send us the story using our Tipster page.

Q. You did not blog about the story I emailed you!

A. We do hold full time day jobs. So please excuse our tardiness. We can blog about your articles exclusively. Please contact us with your offers for a pay package, 401K, health, vision, dental, etc.

Q.My comment was deleted. What about freedom of speech?

A.Before we proceed, repeat offenders with our comment policy will be banned for good. We are big on the freedom of speech. You are free to say what you want ……. on your own blog and if your government persecutes you we will blog in your favor. However, we have certain standards to maintain and commenting on our blog is not a right but a privilege since we are a privately owned blog. Think about it this way, if I come into your house and use your couch as my toilet, how would you react?

Q. Some of your articles offend us.

A. We don’t mean to offend anyone. However, if a particular post offends you please email us about it. We reserve the right to make the final call on that. In some cases, we probably meant it. We are, however, not responsible for any comments made by the users in response to our postings.

Q.Are you guys NRIs(FOBs/ABCDs)?

A. Yes and No. We did have a NRL (Non Resident Lankan) in our midst. Our posts may often reflect our non-resident background but we love to hear from and share our site with literally anyone from anywhere across the globe, desi or not.

Q. Cool banners.

A. Thanks. You can contribute too. Please email us an image file. Something cool that can be captioned with an “uber” (see: uber maal). We are in the process of creating an image gallery and your contribution will receive due recognition.

Q. Uber Snake?

A. Long story. We tried to incorporate some of our real-life pictures in these banners. The main hero in that particular banner, is the Uber Snake Charmer.

Q. Are you guys single?

A. Not unless you found one of our profiles on Shaadi.com.

Q. Do you guys get paid by Narain Karthikeyan?

A. We wish he paid us, he could atleast mention us in one of his interviews, we have been writing about him here and over at my old residence. Being a F1 fan from the days when Schumacher was clad in blue it was important and exciting to see an Indian in the highest level of motor sport. If I am right, Narain was the first desi person to drive an F1 car. If Narain does decide to pay us, we can be contacted using the Tipster page.

Q.Are you guys related to Sanjaya Malakar/call centers?

A.No. However, we’ve unanimously decided that his sister is uber hot and our single guy bloggers would not mind her company one bit.

Q.Where on earth are you guys located?

A.Currently our writers are located in various nondescript locations in North America on either coast.

Q.What kind of facilities do you have?

A.Unlike most other popular blogs, we could not afford caves, igloos or cool bunkers. Über Desi instead decided on a Tiki hut. Long story short, it came free with 4 barrels of beer.

a) You know how many barrels you can buy with that kind of money?
b) This location is much closer to our AA meeting site.
c) It was in mint condish.
d) With a mail in rebate, we are getting a cool thatched roof.

As far as facilities, Anantha and the Janitor from scrubs donated a sand castle that houses a well stocked library. Partly filled with books, we use it mainly to store our beer barrels. We get regular deliveries of palm leaves for note taking and our resident Sri Lankan blogger makes some amazing drinks. We also have the SS2.0 the latest that smoke signaling technology has to offer.

The ÜD Ford Model A hoopty is available to regular bloggers and we have just installed a spell checker machine for our punch cards.

  • Kailashm2000

    How much does Uber pay full time bloogers?

  • Santosh

    We don't.

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