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AP makes like Hindi fim villian

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For those of our UD readers who have been here some time you know ( from our FAQ) :

Q. Where do you guys get your material from?

A. Al Gore created this tool called the Internet. No seriously, we just go through the daily news clippings, blogs, tabloids, editorials. You name it. We blog it.

Thumbs down to AP
A big thumbs down to AP

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Thats right , dear readers. For your viewing pleasure, your intrepid UD bloggers troll through so much rubbish at great personal cost just to ensure that you don’t have to. Our relationship has been growing steadily and just when things are going swimmingly – you guessed it. The inevitable kabab mein haddi (literally : bone in the meat- in other words 3rd wheel) in our progressing relationship – and the villain is none other than AP news!

Yes, that stodgy stalwart of news services has struck a new, low blow to bloggers like us everywhere. Read the rest of this entry »

Cheap Cars and Dear Gas – A Precognitive Prevarication

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Last week, I speculated that 2008 could turn out to be India’s solely because of the trendsetting auto industry. It can be argued that these trends are by no means cutting edge technological. Rather, this upswing in newsworthy snippets has solely been caused by some smart economics and business decisions. And curiously one company, Tata has featured in most of these discussions.

It has mostly been about Nano. Tata’s new golf cart like roundabout has created ripples in the world automotive press. Skepticism abounds regarding the car’s emissions, but I consider this a damning sign of the ignorance of the world’s automotive press. The fact that the car can accommodate 4 adults and could boast of 50mpg performance has been lost in the brouhaha over emissions(I’ll leave my emissions explanation for another day).

Not for long, though. The fuel consumption of the Nano and other cars of its type, has now entered the fray as a major talking point, set off by CNN, no less. But not in the way you would expect. Read the rest of this entry »

A World Bank loan in Rupees?

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With the US Dollar sinking, thanks to a whole bunch of bad economics, it is not just oil and software companies that are caught in the midst. The State Government of Maharashtra seems to have better economists that most other countries in the world. Maharashtra is requesting a loan of $3.5 Billion, but wants the loan in Indian Rupees, instead of US Dollars. Hey I would not blame them. What’s interesting is the fact that if this loan is approved, it would be the first time ever when a loan has been sanctioned in Indian Rupees.

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