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Sepia Mutiny ends

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Doesn’t seem that long ago that one of the major desi blogs, DesiPundit, downed their shutters. Now arguably the biggest of all desi blogs, Sepia Mutiny, is going the same way. [Sepia Mutiny]

T’was not too long ago, between 05-09, blogs were thriving: Sepia Mutiny, Desi Pundit, Ultra Brown, and if I may say so, Über Desi, were bustling with activity in the niche market of Indian sub-continental culture and pop-culture. Quality content was being generated by the hard working bloggers, at least in the first 3 instances. Then life happened, Twitter happened. Most bloggers found it easier and more convenient to microblog on Twitter, and so did their followers. Slowly but surely, the quality content dried up and previously bustling blogs became desolate arenas. Trolls and spammers took over in the comments sections of long dead posts. You get the idea.

The bloggers at Sepia Mutiny did an amazing job of building a thriving South Asian online community, and for this, they will be remembered and the blog will be missed.

DesiPundit is gone

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This is a sad day in the desi blogosphere and for blogs in general. DesiPundit is no more.

You’re searching…
For things that don’t exist; I mean beginnings.
Ends and beginnings – there are no such things.
There are only middles.

~ Robert Frost, Mountain Interval, “In the Home Stretch”
Thank you for reading.

With these words every desi’s favorite aggregator blog is gone. This is the email we received from Patrix, the creator of DesiPundit.


We are shutting down DesiPundit effective midnight (CST) June 15th, Tuesday. It has been a fun five years and we have enjoyed every moment. We wish to thank all Community Members for sharing your content with our readers and I hope we managed to win you some readers.

Over at DesiPundit, people have moved on to other things and time & resources haven’t been as plentiful for those who have remained. The Indian blogosphere and presence on other social media networks has expanded greatly and in our experience, it is no longer possible for human-powered aggregators to keep up; at least on a part-time volunteer basis.

We all will be around on our respective blogs and Twitter accounts and will continue to reading your excellent blogs.

Thank you for reading and contributing.

name redacted (Patrix)
for DesiPundit

If you’ve read into some of Patrix’s tweets and blog posts over the past year or so, he has knowingly or unknowingly hinted that something along these lines was coming. We @ Über Desi were part of the DesiPundit community over the past year or so, and will continue flying that banner, partly out of pride and partly out of laziness. We will miss DesiPundit and wish all the good bloggers and readers of DesiPundit all the best in their future endeavors.

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  • Published: May 11th, 2010
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Posts and tweets

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Regulars have probably noticed a slowdown in the volume of posts on Über Desi. We attribute that to a variety of reasons: work, family, social life. However, we have been active on Twitter (twitter account and hashtag).

Tweeting leaves me with mixed feelings, while it makes getting the word out much easier, I feel like I’m neglecting this blog. While I love writing, I was never really into long winded posts. This stems from among other factors, suspected mild ADD affliction and an intense dislike for fluff. So while still doing regular blog posts (emphasized for effect), I will also be experimenting with using Twitter to compose some posts on this blog. Now these posts, may not quite resemble our regular form of posting. Also, Twitter presents its very own unique set of challenges. For instance, a tweet can only be 160 characters long and this has to include the link and hashtag, effectively reducing it to around 130 characters.

We built this blog with blood, sweat and Sanjaya. Über Desi was created to bring together thoughts, stories, anecdotes, gossip on everything Indian, American and Indian-American. Über Desi is our #1 priority and while we’re evolving and adapting, we’re also keeping the good stuff intact. So, we urge you, our readers to be patient and hit us with feedback on how we can improve this twitter-to-blog experience.

Lisa Ray diagnosed with cancer, blogs

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Bollywood actress from Canada, Lisa Ray, was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and has decided to blog about her battle with the deadly ailment. [Lisa Ray's blog]

I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma on June 23rd. Started my first cycle of treatment July 2nd. Not long ago.
First the facts.
Myeloma is incurable.
It’s a relatively rare cancer of the bone marrow that affects about 6000 Canadians. Every year, approximately 2100 more cases are diagnosed.

In a cut-throat profession where any sign of weakness can potentially debilitate a career, Ray decided to go public with her daily struggles with the disease, treatments and its toll on her physical appearance.

I guess many actors or people in my industry rarely go public. I understand why. There’s practical repercussions as in, its become more expensive to insure you on a project. Some producers don’t want to- or can’t- take on that extra cost. So even when I’ve crossed over and joined the ‘Full Remission’ Club, there may be tough career and financial decisions.
It’s hard for me to live any other way than with full disclosure.

Props to Lisa Ray on going public, and not only increasing awareness of the disease but also being a role model by chronicling her brave struggles with this deadly disease. Afreen Afreen, Ms. Ray. Here’s wishing her a speedy recovery.

Previous mention of Lisa Ray on Über Desi.

Slowdown in posts

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Over the last couple of weeks, regular readers probably noticed a slowdown in the number of posts on Über Desi, particularly from yours truly. The reasons are numerous – family commitments, work load, writers block, you name it. But of late we’re dealing with another issue. By the very nature of this blog, we blog about news related to desis and give our opinions on those topics. Unfortunately, our opinions do not endear us to everyone.

One facet of the desi culture we love so much and blog about, is the importance a large section of the society places on religious leaders and the huge egos and power trips that this kind of following spawns. Unfortunately, some of these so-called religious leaders lack the gumption to hear anything but praise about themselves and will sink to unfathomable depths to keep it that way.

Largely due to apathy and frustration stemming from this issue, I’ve been sulking and avoiding blogging. But enough is enough, I’m back chodoos.

We’re dealing with this issue and will attempt to provide more details on this situation, sooner rather than later. For those in the know, thanks for your support.

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