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Following Force India at Monza – Live blogging the GP

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It’s a shame that Hamilton lost his position on the last lap of the race. Nice to see Rubens winning another race and Brawn getting a 1-2. Also nice to see that Ferrari are picking every point possible.

Force India did well for a car without KERS and had Sutil managed to have a better stop, chances are he might have found himself ahead of Raikonnen, but that’s something that comes with experience.

Fisi, who started for Ferrari this race, finished just outside the points, at least he did not come last.

6:20 A.M. PST: Raikonnen finishes 3rd and Sutil finishes 4th for Force India. More points for the team and an awesome race.

6:19 A.M. PST: Final lap begins. Hamilton is going to get on the Podium for … nevemind, hamilton spins

6:17 A.M. PST: Sutil is close to the Ferrari of Kimi Raikonnen, but its going to take a lot to pass him.

6:12 A.M. PST: Sutil lost some pace and is now back on the Ferrari’s tail.

6:05 A.M. PST: Either Sutil is driving very well or Kimi is dreaming and not driving.

6:03 A.M. PST: Sutil is 4/10 behind Raikonnen. Can he take him? But Raikonnen has KERS.

6:02 A.M. PST: Sutil, currently in 5th is 1 second behind Kimi.

6:00 A.M. PST: Sutil hit his mechanic, not that cool, but looks like all is well. The mechanics are in the back taking a smoke break. Ha ha ha.

5:58 A.M. PST: Both of them decide to pit at the same time. Nice.

5:57 A.M. PST: Raikonnen and Sutil have the exact identical pace on lap 35.

5:56 A.M. PST: Sutil skips a chicane, if he repeats that 2 more times, he is going to get a drive thru penalty.

5:55 A.M. PST: Hamilton comes in. Raikonnen will take the lead. He joins behind both the Brawns. This could mean that Kimi could be on the podium

5:50 A.M. PST: confirmation that Liuzzi had a gearbox related issue.

5:50 A.M. PST: I do not see Sutil on the podium for this race. As I see it Barichello, Button and Hamilton will finish the race in that order, unless someone makes a mistake.

5:49 A.M. PST: Sutil is currently 3rd with a 6.5 second gap from Hamilton. Raikonnen is ahead on track by 1.5 seconds.

5:48 A.M. PST: Hamilton leads Rubens by 5 seconds. Rubens is on a one stop and Hamilton is on a 2 stopper.

5:47 A.M. PST: Rubens is in, Hamilton takes the lead.

5:45 A.M. PST: Button is pitting. Can Sutil get ahead of him on track?

5:43 A.M. PST: Sutil is currently 5th, 20.5 seconds gap to the race leader Rubens. Podium, maybe, winning the race is out of the bag, unless something untoward happens.

5:40 A.M. PST: Is this going to affect how Sutil drives the rest of the race? Commentators think the chicane jumping might be affecting the transmission. I agree with them, these cars are built with a very minimal room for error.

5:39 A.M. PST: Ouch, he lost drive, looks like something related to the Transmission. Dammit, he could have gotten to the points.

5:38 A.M. PST: Waiting for a replay of Liuzzi, not sure whats wrong.

5:38 A.M. PST: Lap 20, Liuzzi stopped. WTF.

5:34 A.M. PST: Rubens now leads Button by 2.4 and Lewis by 11.4 seconds. If he get’s a 15 second advantage, the race might be his. Looks like their strategy is working. It’s awesome to see the Brawns back at the front.

5:33 A.M. PST: Looks like Ferrari short fueled Kimi, because they are afraid of Force India. This is awesome. Either way, I win. :)

5:32 A.M. PST: Kimi is into the pits. Ferrari do a 7.3 second pit stop. He joins at p5, right behind Liuzzi. Force India is doing pretty well.

5:30 A.M. PST: Now Heiki in the factory Mercedes is chasing Sutil in the customer Mercedes. Looks like Kingfisher is getting a lot of TV time, Mallya is a smart business man. I know I had a post about it when he decided to buy the team.

5:29 A.M. PST: Sutil Pits. 7.3 seconds, nice pit, joins in 8th place.

5:28 A.M. PST: And Hamilton is being chased down by Tonio Liuzzi. Less than a second between them.

5:27 A.M. PST: Hamilton’s pit stop puts Sutil up to second. But everyone has to pit…

5:25 A.M. PST: Lap 14, Sutil is still holding the gap. Hamilton has pulled a 3.5 second lead, now pitting.

5:23 A.M. PST: The gap is now up to 8/10th of a second between Sutil and Kimi.

5:21 A.M. PST: Sutil is gaining on Kimi, the gap has come down to 7/10th of a second.

5:20 A.M. PST: Chandok and Mallya on screen again and they cit to the rear wing of Sutil and the Kingfisher logo.

5:15 A.M. PST: Sutil does fastest first sector of 27.7.

5:09 A.M. PST: Sutil is holding 3rd and maintaining distance from Rubens who is in 4th. This was expected, given that he did not have KERS

5:07 A.M. PST: Fisi is upto 11th, pretty cool. Vettel is working pretty hard.

5:05 A.M. PST: Liuzzi takes McLaren (Heiki) Nice.

5:02 A.M. PST: Karun Chandok is standing next to Vijay Mallya… Nice.

4:35 A.M. PST: Found the Jani – BMW link

4:30 A.M. PST: It’s also a shame that both BMW’s did not manage the get out of Q3. In related news, I hear rumors that Neel Jani’s backers (his dad?) wants to bid for the BMW team.

4:25 A.M. PST: Peter Windsor is back doing the interviews? I thought they took him out once he went public with his USF1 plans. Hmmm… (listening to the post qualy interview)

And Adrian needs to talk more (and all F1 drivers / engineers etc. need to stop saying “for sure”) the man is going to do a lot more interviews.

4:20 A.M. PST: And Karun has not really opened up so far, but he is on twitter and I hope he drops more than just subtle hints.

4:10 A.M. PST: The past few days, there has been a lot of talk about Karun Chandok not being hired to replace Fisi. Honestly, I think Karun has a great future, but it still is a little early. Besides Bernie keeps talking about Karun, partly because the more you hear his name, the more expectation there is, but also because Bernie makes money from F1. And having an Indian driver for an Indian team will be a great pitch and will attract way more support to get the Indian GP and more viewers.

4:00 A.M. PST: Fuel Levels – Given the fuel levels, Kimi needs to get past Lewis and Sutil to have an advantage. Getting around Sutil should not be an issue, Force India’s do not have KERS, but its going to be difficult to get around Hamilton.

The Brawn’s are running a pretty heavy load, expect to see them in the points, unless someone does something stupid.

Given Force India’s recent pace, I expect both cars to finish in the points. Having said that the lack of KERS might impede them from getting onto the podium, well that and Adrian Sutil’s luck.

3:51 A.M. PST: With more than an hour left before the Pre-race starts rain looks like a possibility.

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