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Announcing new weekly feature: Jhatpat Restaurant Reviews

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Submit your own Jhatpat Restaurant Review – 10 simple questions in under 10 minutes now.

DosaThe What?
Jhatpat = Hindi slang for “instant”.
UberDesi.com is introducing a new feature: Jhatpat Restaurant Reviews. This section will feature restaurant reviews submitted by our bloggers and most importantly, you, our readers. Staying true to the theme of our blog, we will cover only desi restaurants. However, we may choose to include some quirky non-desi places, world famous restaurants or ones by celebrity chefs. No Applebees or Olive Garden.

The Why?
Because, we all love to travel, socialize and above all, eat! Lets say you had dinner at this small local desi restaurant and you loved it. You want to share it with your friends and the world. But you don’t like to write a long winded review and neither do you have the time or patience to do so.

Use our Jhatpat Restaurant Review form and write one by answering 10 simple questions in under 10 minutes. We have even provided sample answers you can copy-paste. Everything is fast and free – 100% desi ishtyle.

How will it benefit me/others?
1. Get to know the restaurants in your area from contributions of other readers.
2. We will feature all desi restaurants irrespective of size, menu and/or location.
3. Get recognition for your contributions.
4. Find out what food and drinks others recommend.
5. Find a cheap but good restaurant for lunch.
6. Discover reasonably priced restaurants to take your date/significant other to.
7. Use as travel guide when you travel to other cities/countries.
8. Know which restaurants to avoid.

And above all, in case we forgot to mention this, it’s all fast and free – 100% desi ishtyle.

Inspired by Rapid Restaurant Reviews on San Francisco Metblogs, tailored to suit our readers.

Submit your own Jhatpat Restaurant Review – 10 simple questions in under 10 minutes now.

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