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Sanjaya on Jay Leno

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Sanjaya and OsmondSanjaya and Donnie Osmond
img: via Reality Magazine

Sanjaya was on Jay Leno tonight (tip Karthik).
Some excerpts from the show:
*Sanjaya and Donny Osmond were part of Jay Leno’s monologue. (pictured left)
*Jack Black (pictured below) was pissed off big time about Sanjaya being voted off.
*Jack Black is a Fanjaya but likes Chris Sleigh even more because Chris looks like Jack Black.
*Sanjaya likes Italian and Indian food.
*As for his future plans, Sanjaya mentioned he is definitely going to college. Bravo! Just dont end up studying for be an engineer or a doctor unless you want to.
*Jay Leno, obviously of Italian origin, attributed Sanjaya’s talent to being Italian, when Jack Black yelled “India is cool too!”.

Sanjaya and Black

This image was sent to me by aNTi, who has come out of the closet as a Fanjaya.
Sanjaya Leno Mohawk

This is a video of Sanjaya’s elimination from Wednesday.

American Idol 6 top7 results -sanjaya-go
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