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American Idol: Sanjaya is a top 10 American Idol contestant

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Update: It’s official. Sanjaya is in the top 10 of American Idol Season 6. The ladies had a sub-par night and it showed when Stephanie was eliminated. But considering someone not named Sanjaya was eliminated, look for the biased media and fans to lay the blame squarely on him – something along the lines of “The unholy nexus of desis, call centers, Sicilian Mafia, grandmas and bawling little girls has struck again. Shudder. What will happen to America”. While they may have succeeded in their goal of making Sanjaya reach the top 10, considering the quality of the contestants left standing, VFTW may have a hard time picking a favorite to root for. Also an uber shotout to this girl. Hope they have the IV on standby.

Update: Inspite of making little girls cry with joy (thanks Patrix) over his performance last night, the odds are stacked against Sanjaya cracking the top 10. Tune in tonight 9/8c on Fox.

Update: DialIdol predicts Sanjaya will make it to the top 10 but as pointed out later in this post, the odds are against him.

Update: Sanjaya had his best performance to date singing The Kinks “You really got me now”. Vote for him 1-866-IDOLS-08. Remember if you don’t vote tonight, this could be his last performance. This post at VFTW seems suspicious ;-)

TMZ reports that all the negative coverage by the media is starting to take its toll on American Idol hopeful, Sanjaya Malakar. Anorak.com, an UK based website seems to have it in for the 17 year old and even compares him with accused murderer, Phil Spector. Reality TV Magazine weighs in with their analysis on how they think Sanjaya may have been treated unfairly by the judges and American Idol organizers. The facts remain that Sanjaya has escaped elimination week after week but will this be his last week?

It will most likely be the last time, Sanjaya will appear on the stage of American Idol as a contestant in the running for the title, if you go by Vegas’ odds.

Vocally challenged Idol Sanjaya Malakar’s days appear to be numbered on American Idol, at least if oddsmakers and the gambling public have anything to say about it.
Last year, oddsmakers enjoyed an almost impeccable record with their American Idol predictions (based on which Idol had the shortest odds going into an elimination round). This week, the oddsmakers have spoken and list Sanjaya Malakar as an even favorite to be booted off the show.

Can the teenyboppers/Call Centers/Sicilian mafia/(insert favorite conspiracy theory here) be able to save Sanjaya from being eliminated? Tune in tonight 8/7c on Fox as contestants perform from a selection of 60s British Pop invasion numbers and do not forget to vote for Sanjaya at the end of the show.

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  • Ok! I'm back blogging about Sanjaya esp.after yesterday's 'stunt'. See Sanjaya is making little girls cry.

  • I especially enjoyed how his performance made litle girls cry... I think he might stay in, guys. A little girl mafia, perhaps? :)

  • Wow! First those grannies drive below the speed limit in the left lane and then they vote for a darn "furner" boy.

  • bess

    Here's what Jody Rosen of slate.com said about Sanjaya...."(A) boyish cutie with a sweet smile, the favorite of the grandmothers...but his steady march through the competition is a sign of social progress: in the voting audience....Who'd have thought that America would rally behind a sexually ambiguous South Asian with tumbling Pre-Raphaelite tresses?"
    So...it's the grandmother mafia!

  • Patrix,
    Everyone has their opinions :-)
    I'm surprised no one mentioned the Sicilian Mafia, after all he's half Italian.

  • desinole

    Well at least they did not bring the Indian back offices into the picture like the other guys did.

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