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American Idol: Sanjaya update

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[UPDATE] Seriously… We cannot be using call centres to support Sanjaya, see our reasons here.

Sanjaya probably needs all the help he can get.
To vote for him dial 1-866-IDOLS-08 till 11:59pm Feb 20th 2007 (you can vote multiple times).

Live by Stevie Wonder, die by Stevie Wonder. Sanjaya chose a very tough song in Stevie’s “Knocks me off my feet“. The judges did not like his performance and Simon particularly ripped him to shreds. Sanjaya, 17, to his credit took it like a grown-up. There are others who performed worse and he definitely doesn’t deserve to be in the bottom 3 because of an off day. Vote for him at the above number.

Please send us your opinion on Sanjaya and American Idol using this form so we can publish it.

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  • And we have our first troll. Yaay...

  • robin

    My dog sounds better than he does--and she does better tricks

  • robin


  • Shavon

    I don't think Sanjaya don't belong in this competition! He does not have any entertaining skills....This is a singing competition!

  • kamala

    of course, Lakisha and Melinda are awesome!!! They make even talented Diana Ross sound dated!!! Poor Sanjaya, should never have been in the top twelve. Of course, even those others sound inadequate when Melinda and Lakisha belt out their music. I think Melinda can slightly edge out Lakisha with variety.

  • kamala

    Sanjaya is the fall guy for the show that has already decided it is either Lakisha or Melinda. How to keep it from getting boring? stir a few controversies. The other girl had a scandal (antonella), so she had to go. sanjaya is clean, but not idol worthy. as long as he stays, there is some interest in unpredictablity. after he leaves there will be some other hype to hold on to viewers. I wish sanjaya would bow out himself. AI is getting boringly predictable, even in its unpredictablity.

  • Semi,
    He has a great voice, no doubt. The problem is that the American Idol folks are looking for someone who's a performer not just a singer. Sanjaya, if he survives this week, needs to work on improving his stage presence.

  • I totally voted for him. I think he has a beautiful voice, a lot of potential and I think he deserves the chance to showcase his ability. I'm rooting for him all the way!

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