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Google Internet bus to make benefit the glorious state of Tamil’istan

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A internet-equipped psychedelic double decker from Goog is all set to bring the Internet to folks in rural Tamil Nadu via satellite, providing content in both English and Tamil. In other unrelated news, Las Vegas is now taking bets on the odds of a spike in google searches for “Bharati picture blouse bra” and illegal downloads of the latest A.R.Rahman hits originating from the southern tip of the Indian subcontinent. [PC World] [via] (tip Karthik via Google Reader)

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Playing cricket can be hazardous to your health..

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…. if you are a drug dealer. We’ve heard of pick up hoops (basketball). Now we have pick up cricket. A major Sri Lankan drug lord was literally picked up by cops in the middle of a cricket game. [link] (tip Karthik via email)

One of Sri Lanka’s biggest drug lords has been finally arrested in Tamil Nadu after Indian authorities, who had been pursuing him for years, nabbed him while he was playing his favourite game – cricket.

Besides playing cricket, Guna the drug lord, was also involved in, of course, smuggling drugs, ….

Guna reportedly told his interrogators that he was very much into smuggling high grade heroin from Pakistan to Sri Lanka for two decades.
According to officials here, a kilo of heroin in India can fetch around Rs.500,000. In Colombo, the same quantity is sold for Rs.3-4 million Sri Lankan rupees. Guna told Indian officials that there were large numbers of heroin addicts in Colombo.

.. and assassination attempts.

Sri Lankan authorities questioned him after a bomb attack blamed on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in December 1999 killed 26 people and partially blinded then president Chandrika Kumaratunga. The authorities wanted to know if he had links with the LTTE.

After avoiding arrest for year, Tamil Nadu police nabbed him in the middle of a cricket game. Apparently, that was when the drug lord was most relaxed and least expecting a bust. Another way of looking at it – better have a clean record before you play cricket.

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  • Published: Mar 11th, 2008
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These couples have really strong calf muscles

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or really tough knees, depends on your perspective. 10000 reps of kneeling and standing up will do that. This story seems right out of a wet dream of an orientalist. [link] (tip Sai via email).

A long long time ago in a gully far far away, when this scrawny little Indian kid indulged in behavior that would with amazing regularity earn him the now politically incorrect sobriquet of monkey (and the occasional even more politically incorrect “maa ki”), the enforcer often had a special punishment in store for the macaca’esque kid – thoppukaranams. Thoppukaranam, for the uninitiated, is a form of corporal punishment in India particularly the South where the offenders are made to hold their ears and kneel down and get up multiple times, often with legs crossed. Whether this mode of punishment is effective may be worthy of a debate but they sure helped strengthen the calf muscles, I can vouch for that one.

In the village of Ammapatti in Virudhnagar district of Tamil Nadu, India, getting married is deemed worthy of this barbaric punishment, doing thoppukaranams not once, not a dozen but 10,000 times.

A Tamil Nadu village is making headlines for the strange rituals people have to follow to get married. A couple getting married has to kneel before the goddess 10,000 times!

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