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Sepia Mutiny ends

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Doesn’t seem that long ago that one of the major desi blogs, DesiPundit, downed their shutters. Now arguably the biggest of all desi blogs, Sepia Mutiny, is going the same way. [Sepia Mutiny]

T’was not too long ago, between 05-09, blogs were thriving: Sepia Mutiny, Desi Pundit, Ultra Brown, and if I may say so, Über Desi, were bustling with activity in the niche market of Indian sub-continental culture and pop-culture. Quality content was being generated by the hard working bloggers, at least in the first 3 instances. Then life happened, Twitter happened. Most bloggers found it easier and more convenient to microblog on Twitter, and so did their followers. Slowly but surely, the quality content dried up and previously bustling blogs became desolate arenas. Trolls and spammers took over in the comments sections of long dead posts. You get the idea.

The bloggers at Sepia Mutiny did an amazing job of building a thriving South Asian online community, and for this, they will be remembered and the blog will be missed.

India Currents article on the South Asian Blogosphere

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India Currents, the West Coast based publication that is “devoted to the exploration of the heritage and culture of India as it exists in the United States” has an informative article [link] written by Rupa Dev, covering the basics of the South Asian blogosphere (tip Ragini via email), sort of a “South Asian Blogosphere for Dummies“, if you will.

Among the big name players like Sepia Mutiny, SAJAForum, India Uncut, Ultrabrown and Desi Pundit, is also this barely-a-year-old humble little blog named Über Desi, conceived from the alcohol induced wet dreams of a couple of FOBbie NRI dudes.

An excerpt:

UberDesi posts amusing finds, like their “Desi Ad of The Week” or a quirky new stories (like one on a 90-year-old man who recently fathered his 21st child), but at the same time, the blog is quick to report South Asian new stories and bring attention to cultural and religious issues and news on discrimination.

The “Desi Ad of The Week” is a weekly feature courtesy Karthik and the quirky news story of the 90 year old man with 21 children was brought to you by this NRI blogger with a cheeky sense of humor, who idolizes Dr. Evil.

Read more about Über Desi, other South Asian blogs and the South Asian blogosphere here.

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