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Kundra’s DC office hit by scandal

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The FBI raided the office of D.C. CTO and the Obama administration CIO, Vivek Kundra. [CNN] (Anantha via Twitter)

Among those arrested in the connected scandal were Sushil Bansal and Yusuf Acar.

Acar is an information security officer who was also, according to online requests for proposals, responsible for contracting. Bansal is listed on the city’s procurement website as the CEO of the Advanced Integrated Technologies Corporation, which was awarded two technology contracts last year worth a total of $350,000.

Acar is from Turkey and Bansal, obviously, from India or of desi origin.

Kundra is the outgoing CTO of the D.C. office and has gone on leave of absence until further notice. [CNN]

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Satyam Scandal: Timeline

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Everything you wanted to know about the Satyam scandal and were either afraid to ask or too lazy to lookup.

The chairman of India’s Satyam Computer Services on Wednesday confessed to fixing the IT outsourcing company’s books for the past “several” years, the country’s first major fraud case to emerge following the global financial crisis. Below are the recent events that led to Ramalinga Raju’s resignation.


Law and Order: Bald Victims Unit

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A Brooklyn Supreme court judge ruled that desi lawyer, Ravi Batra, can proceed with his $15 million libel suit against the creators of Law & Order. [link]

Batra is suing Law and Order for airing an episode featuring a desi character resembling him, a lawyer by the name of Ravi Patel, complete with bald head and all. Batra, was involved in a similar incident where a judge wore a wire tap for lunch with Batra, hoping to get some incriminating evidence against him in a judicial scandal and bribery case. Batra was never charged in connection with the case.

NRI guilty in US-India arms deal

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Parthasarathy Sudarshan, a resident of Simpsonville, South Carolina, has been found guilty of illegal arms export from US to India. [link]

img: via AFP

A citizen of India living legally in South Carolina pleaded guilty in federal court to conspiring to illegally export weapons to India, authorities said Thursday. It was one of two cases involving illegal arms in India.

The emphasis on “living legally” is mine. Why did this CNN reporter feel the necessity to include those two words in there? Is a citizen of India living in the US automatically assumed to be here illegally? Anyway, I digress from the main story.

Parthasarathy Sudarshan, 47, of Simpsonville, South Carolina, headed a firm with offices in Bangalore, India, and Singapore. He admitted violating arms control laws by secretly trying to sell components for space vehicles, ballistic missiles and fighter jets to firms associated with India’s defense agencies.

The US firm, MTS, that was involved with Sudarshan was also found in violation of export laws and slapped with a fine. Here’s the interesting part on why MTS failed to comply.

The government said MTS did not apply for a proper license after an employee stated it was “extremely unlikely” that it would gain approval because the equipment could make a significant contribution to India’s nuclear energy programs.

Speaking of, this year May 11th will be the 10 year anniversary of India’s nuclear tests in 1998.

Endoscopy Center belonging to desi doctor involved in medical scandal

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A desi doctor’s institution in Nevada is in trouble for some alleged mishaps at a clinic he owns. [link] (tip Chickpea)

A week after 40,000 Nevadans learned that unsanitary injections might have infected them with hepatitis C or the AIDS virus, five certified nurse anesthetists surrendered their licenses today until authorities learn how and why a surgical center and several clinics reused syringes and vials for four years, the Las Vegas Sun reports.

The five nurses worked at the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada, where the nation’s largest hepatitis C scare began.

The majority owner of the Endoscopy owner, is Dr. Dipak Desai.

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