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Sanjaya and Shyamali in Mumbai – part deux

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Rediff has a lengthy interview with Sanjaya, uncomfortable at times for the former American Idol finalist when he is grilled on his Indian-ness, otherwise pretty extensive. The feature also has plenty of photos of our male readers’ favorite, Shyamali, in an Indian sari. [Rediff] (tip Sai via email)

The Malakars go to Mumbai

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Remember our little blurb on Sanjaya starring in the Nationwide commercial. Apparently Sanjaya and Shyamali are in Mumbai for the filming of the commercial. Check out this pic and story on Rediff forwarded to me by at least two different sources. [Rediff] (tip Sai via email and Anantha via gtalk)

Malakars in MumbaiShyamali swaps Hooters uniform for sari
img: via Rediff

Coming from at least three South Asian males, the decision is unanimous – we like the sari vary vary much.

Sanjaya to star in Nationwide commercial

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The Nationwide commercials with the slogan “Life comes at you fast” which in the past have featured Favio, Kevin Federline and MC Hammer will now feature Sanjaya. [link]

The commercial will feature the former Idol finalist visiting a monastery in India to seek advice and is told to both work on his hair and arrange a retirement plan.

The spot is one of six new Nationwide commercials specifically targeted at the South Asian market.

Himesh Reshammiya to collaborate with Sanjaya

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In a surprising revelation, Bollywood music director Himesh Reshammiya and American Idol finalist, Sanjaya Malakar, announced that they wrapped up work on an Indo-American collaboration album. [link]

Sanjaya and HimeshControversial American Idol finalist from season six, Sanjaya Malakar was in good spirits as he walked into the press conference. After 27 tracks spanning 2 languages (English and Hindi) his relief is well warranted.

Sanjaya, who was in the top 7 finalists of season 6 of American was beaming with joy as he described his experiences on working with Bollywood music composer, Himesh Reshammiya.

The multi lingual album titled “Call Center Cousins” will feature 27 foot tapping numbers in English and Hindi and even one in Spanish. Sanjaya, of course, will do all the singing in English and Spanish and Reshammiya, in Hindi.

The album is titled “Call Center Cousins” and features 27 numbers in Hindi, English and Spanish. The title of the album appears to be a clever play of the rumors that surfaced regarding call center workers in India voting for Sanjaya, propelling him to the top 10 finalists in season six of American Idol.

Among other numbers, Sanjaya is doing the song that shot him to fame, Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed and Delivered” in a Bhangra remix. Bhangra is a popular form of music originating from Punjab in India.

Sanjaya is also singing American Idol season six numbers – “Besame Mucho” in Spanish, and The Kinks “You really got me now”. When asked if he would sport his now famous “faux hawk”, Sanjaya coyly replied “probably not” and then admitted that this look might turn off some his Indian audiences.

Reshammiya is also expected to do a Hindi-English duet with Sanjaya titled “Sanjaya ka Suroor”.

Of course, we the Fanjayas @ Über Desi will keep you posted on these latest developments and review the album when it hits the shelves later this month.

Uber Malarial Videos: “Meet the Spartans” spoofs Sanjaya

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Tony Yalda in a cameo as Sanjaya in “Meet the Spartans”, fauxhawk and all.

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