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McCain supporters confront religious intolerance at rally

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Video footage of volunteers, including some Muslims and a (presumably desi) McCain campaign manager at a McCain rally confronting and driving away people handing out “Obama for Change” stickers with Islamic symbols. [Huffington Post] (link Karthik via email)

These recent events come on the heels of Powell’s rebuke of Islamophobia among some Republican supporters. [UD]

The stickers they were handing out also had the Communist sickle and hammer along with the Islamic crescent. I’m guessing the purported message was: “Obama is a socialist, hence by extension, communist, with ties to radical Islam, hence by extension, also a terrorist”. Besides the blatant Islamophobia, these idiots are also guilty of trying to confuse potential voters by packaging too much information.

McCain suspends campaign

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John McCain has suspended his presidential campaign at least for the time being so he could supposedly “help tackle the financial crisis”. [AFP] (tip Karthik on GTalk)

After enjoying a post-convention bounce where he narrowed the gap in polls between himself and Barack Obama, McCain and his campaign have taken a pounding over the current financial crisis forcing them to take this unusual gamble. From some of his hand-picked supporters calling America a “nation of whiners” and suggesting there was no real crisis to acknowledging the crisis and approving the whopping $700 billion federal bailout of Wall Street, the current economic crisis has forced the McCain campaign to change positions more often than the model of a “DIY Kamasutra for Dummies” manual.

As much lack of understanding McCain showed of the current economic crisis, he has shown a penchant for rolling the dice and taking his chances politically when the chips are down (see: Sarah Palin). Is this a calculated move by the McCain campaign or a step born out of desperation? Will this move work in favor of McCain in the long term (i.e. the November elections)? What do you think?

Desi doctors group to support McCain

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There you have it. Indian American Physicians group to support McCain. [link]
How long before we have a “Desi Bloggers to support Obama/Hillary”? Wait a minute, we don’t have a desi bloggers association of any kind, or do we?

McCain picks Jindal as running mate

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Earlier this year, was some speculation in Republican circles about McCain picking Jindal as a Vice Presidential candidate to offset Barack Obama’s popularity among minorities. That speculation has turned out to be true.

Breaking news from FU Times. [link]

GOP White House hopeful John McCain on Tuesday tapped Louisiana Governor, Piysuh “Bobby” Jindal, to be his running mate, calling Jindal “a man who understands and defends the values of America.”

McCain, who has been all but crowned for his party’s presidential nomination, announced his choice to a cheering crowd here.

“I know his skill. I know his passion. I know his strength. I know his conscience. I know his faith. He has honored the lessons of home and family that he learned in Louisiana, and he brings those values to shape a better America together with all of us.

McCain also brought up Jindal’s immigrant roots.

“As the son of Indian immigrants, he personifies the kind of hard working immigrants who helped build America”, McCain said. “He will work on resolving thorny immigration issues, from the perspective of both an American citizen and an offspring of immigrants.”

This news was predictably met with jubilation across India.

People in India responded to this news report with fireworks. Some jubilant Indians even offered their prayers for Jindal by breaking coconuts in temples. “We’re very proud of Bobby Jindal” said P.K.Lele, 57, a resident of Mumbai. “He is the first Indian man in election for Vice President”. Jindal, is the first Indian origin person to feature in US Presidential Elections. Popular conservative radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh has described Jindal as “the next Ronald Reagan.”

Reports are that Jindal has accepted the offer from McCain.

Jindal was not at the announcement — a move sources said was designed to keep McCain’s decision secret for as long as possible.

Jindal smiled and flashed a thumbs-up sign later in the afternoon as he emerged from his home with his wife, Supriya Jolly, and their children.

He did not say anything, but in a written statement he spoke of his honor in joining the ticket.

“I was honored this morning to receive a call from Senator McCain asking me to join his ticket,” Jindal said. “I was humbled by his offer — and thrilled to accept it.”

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