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Donated Money to a Worthy Cause Lately?

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This is a bit stale, as the news cycle goes, but it does deserve a post. The TRO, or Tamil Rehabilitation Organization was an organization originally formed to aid Lankan Tamil refugees to South India. It has since, apparently, become refocused (as it’s head office is in Kilinochchi) and it’s profile has certainly been augmented by the recent tsunami. During that time, a great fund-raising effort occurred, with the professional Lankan Tamils abroad being targeted for donations. It has now been declared a terrorist-financing organization by the US Treasury department and was added to the official SDN OFAC list. This means that, from a compliance standpoint, no financial institution may accept deposits of any kind from the TRO nor can they continue to manage any funds/securities linked to the TRO (including managers/directors etc).

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“Don’t look, mom” she said, like a good Desi girl.

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Amara Karan plays Rita, a train stewardess

Just when I skip my weekly routine of getting the New York Post, they talk Desi. This time around it is Amara Karan, the start of “The Darjeeling Limited”. In an interview with the Post, the ‘British Hottie’, revealed that she has banned her mom from watching the movie. Talking about her mom, she explained why.

She’s Sri Lankan and quite conservative. If she were to see that kissing, she’d be horrified.

Now that is a good girl. If I were you, I would do the same thing. I do not want my parents seeing me kissing, even if it is a part of my job. Amara’s real last name, Karunakaran. And she is Tamil yo. She chose Karan for her acting career and it looks like it’s working. With the film set to release in the UK in a few days, she might soon be the ‘it’ girl.

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Class Among Cricket Selectors?

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(Credit to Cricinfo) As a faithful Sri-Lanka supporter (since my somewhat belated embrace of that most noble of sports), it pains me to realize that we may have seen the last of Marvan Atapattu on the international stage. As I dug through the various accounts of his gradual relegation to outsider, I was struck by the callous, inflexible and often quite wrong player-selection strategies of the selection board: Ashantha de Mel, Don Anurasiri, Ranjith Madurasinghe and Jayanth Seneviratne. de Mel has long championed the blooding of new players at the expense of older, more accomplished players–regardless of the situation or the batting/bowling averages of the youngster to be elevated. In the past, he has gone so far as to say that SL shouldn’t look for talented spinners as fast-medium bowlers will carry the burden of wicket-taking.

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  • Published: Oct 9th, 2007
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Guest blogger : A Virile Nagalingam

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Ever since we lost Sambol, our regular Sri Lankan blogger, we have been in the search for someone to represent the Island nation and then we came across Nagalingam.

If you are wondering about why he goes by the monicker A Virile Nagalimgam, we have the answer.

My maternal great-grandfather, to my great delight, carried the ‘good’ name of Nagalingam for most of his adult life. Naga, in Sanskrit, most commonly means ’snake.’ In Pali and Sanskrit it can also mean ‘Elephant’ (a most generously endowed mammal) Lingam, as I’ve outlined above, carries the symbolic representation of phallus. (it is curious to note that more of my Christian friends were conversant with this interpretation of the Shiva Linga than any of the so-called Hindu scholars I came into contact with while living in an Ashram–just goes to show you how ignorant we Hindus are about Western analytical appropriations of our cultural wealth. or is it Vealth?)

Thus the delightful meeting of ‘Snake’ and ‘Phallus’ produce what must be the most virile name in the history of names.

Yup, you came to the right place people. The party is about to start.

He has spent a considerable amount of time in the Outback where he reacquainted himself with Cricket, but fret not, he will be talking about all things Desi, just like the rest of the ÜD gang.

He might even throw in a few tips on how Desi’s should work out to achieve maximum muscle tone in minimum time. Ask nicely and your wish might be granted.

Please welcome A Virile Nagalingam and somebody please be getting the Vine. Thank you.

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