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Have sterilization, win car

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We get tired of repeating the proven adage “India is a land of paradox”. Case in point [BBC]

Health officials in the Indian state of Rajasthan are launching a new campaign in an effort to reduce the high population growth in the area. They are encouraging men and women to volunteer for sterilisation, and in return are offering a car and other prizes for those who come forward.

Of course, the prizes are also in keeping with our “cost-conscious” nature”

Among the rewards on offer is the Indian-made Tata Nano – the world’s cheapest car.

While not along the lines of Sanjay Gandhi’s alleged forced sterilization program, there is still something Orwellian about the government bribing people to make changes to their reproductive organs, however well-intentioned it might be.

And why is this paradoxical? While Rajasthan is bribing people to sterilize themselves, across the country, our good ole’ friends the Khasi tribe were paying couples Rs. 1000 per child to produce more children.

Desi’s car towed, sold on Craigslist

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In another weird news filled day, Vaibhav Chopda went on vacation to India for his brother’s wedding. When he came back his car was gone. Apparently, he did not display the car’s DMV sticker in the correct location and was towed. The towing company then auctioned it off (while he was still in India) and when Vaibhav came back, he found it featured on Craigslist by someone who claimed he bought it in an auction, That someone turned to be an employee of the towing company. [SJ Mercury] (tip Karthik via email)

Would you call Vaibhav Chopda a victim of the system or victim of legalized theft?


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This may be old news for some but we just wind of this (Karthik via email), so we thought we’d discuss this anyway.

DWIThis past fall, the New York Television Festival featured a comedy named DWI: Deal With it.

Any person who has had the (mis)fortune of setting foot in a car dealership in the US, is unlikely to step away with a favorable opinion of car salespeople. In fact, car salespeople rank among the least respected professions, and not without good reason. DWI looks at the profession among a car salesperson’s perspective.

Rajeev Chibber (Turbans) plays the role of Samir, a car salesperson on DWI, the most experienced salesman on the lot. The question becomes Samir been on the lot for so long, his experiences with the customer have made him so jaded, he has become borderline racist??

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Desi student on cell phone as car burns

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Turns out the story of Nero fiddling while Rome burnt might be an urban legend but this modern day story is true (tip Anantha via Über Stories). [link]

Burning Car

“Appa, the car heater seems to work better when the car breaks down”

Khushboo Jani, a 23 year physics major, sat in her car chatting on a cell phone even as the car was starting to catch fire. Luckily for her, Demetrius Duplessis, a snowplow driver with the Illinois Department of Transportation, one of the guys who go about clearing snow on the roads daily, noticed this and pulled her to safety, even when she mistook him for an assailant.

The funny part of this story, Khushboo was more concerned about missing her physics final exams than her car burning, with her in it!! She even tried to go back to the burning car to “rescue” her physics book. Now that is one dedicated student!

The desi flavor to this story is overwhelming – desi physics student, 1996 Honda Civic, chatting on cell phone oblivious to surroundings, more concerned about exams than her life. As for Demetrius, he just shrugged off the accolades. “I just did it” he said. Good work!!

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