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Sepia Mutiny ends

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Doesn’t seem that long ago that one of the major desi blogs, DesiPundit, downed their shutters. Now arguably the biggest of all desi blogs, Sepia Mutiny, is going the same way. [Sepia Mutiny]

T’was not too long ago, between 05-09, blogs were thriving: Sepia Mutiny, Desi Pundit, Ultra Brown, and if I may say so, Über Desi, were bustling with activity in the niche market of Indian sub-continental culture and pop-culture. Quality content was being generated by the hard working bloggers, at least in the first 3 instances. Then life happened, Twitter happened. Most bloggers found it easier and more convenient to microblog on Twitter, and so did their followers. Slowly but surely, the quality content dried up and previously bustling blogs became desolate arenas. Trolls and spammers took over in the comments sections of long dead posts. You get the idea.

The bloggers at Sepia Mutiny did an amazing job of building a thriving South Asian online community, and for this, they will be remembered and the blog will be missed.

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  • Published: Jun 4th, 2008
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Stuff I like

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In case you missed the recent pop-culture phenom in blogs, it’s the sprouting of numerous ethnically centered blogs title “Stuff **insert ethnicity** People Like”.

It all started with “Stuff White People Like“, a blog centered on humorous social commentary on white people. Some of my favorites from this blog: Being Offended, Bumper Stickers, Scarves (will someone please point out to Michelle Malkin white people wear scarves also?), Poorly Read Partners, SFO, Threatening to move to Canada, Apple Products, Ganja, Being an expert on YOUR culture and Awareness. My favorite ones were White Suburbs (a.k.a Gentrification) and Co-ed Sports.

This promoted a whole new genre of blogs inspired by this concept featuring people ragging on other of their own ethnicities:
-Stuff Asian People Like
-Stuff Educated Black People Like
-Stuff Black People Hate
-Stuff Educated Latinos Like

Not to be left behind even gay people started one – Stuff Queer People Like.

With all these “Stuff People Like” blogs how could desis be far behind?
Enter Stuff Desis/Brown People Like and Stuff Desis Love, Hate and Love to Hate, with the former being the more active blog.

For desi bloggers intending to cash in on this trend. I’d like to see more blogs featuring social commentary on narrower community bases. For instance:
Stuff Palakkad Iyers Hate
Stuff Goan/Bandra Christians Like
Stuff Patels from Anand Like
Stuff Wealthy Punjabis Hate
Stuff Wannabe-Gangsta Desis Like
You get the idea.

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