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White House and Capitol foreclose

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The mortgage crisis seems to have reached disastrous proportions with the federal government having to foreclose on their buildings including some well known landmarks. Via FU Times

The mortgage crisis facing America is literally sweeping the proverbial rug from underneath the government’s feet. The federal government had to foreclose on a number of federal buildings including the Presidential White House and the Capitol building where members of Congress meet.

Federal execs tried to downplay the crisis.

“The Presidential residence will move to an undisclosed location in Nevada (known to some as Area 51),” said spokesperson Mr. Coveth U.R. Muni. “Members of Congress will have to meet at the Washington monument until future arrangements are made. We are fairly confident this is a temporary setback and we will get through this unscathed.”

Even President George W. Bush was surprisingly upbeat about the entire fiasco.

“My job is a decision-making job, and as a result, I make a lot of decisions. We’ve never encountered ‘em fourclosehers before but we will smoke ‘em out and shoot ‘em, as they say in Texas, or is it Tennessee?”

India is set to benefit from these recent round of foreclosers.

After Air Force One planes were foreclosed on, that service was outsourced to Kingfisher Airlines owned by Indian tycoon, Vijay Mallya. Mallya has promised to provide better service at a lower cost. The airlines even changed its slogan to “Fly The Good (and bad) Times”.

The feds have responded to this crisis with a major interest rate drop.

Fed Chariman Ben Bernanke: “We’ve dropped interest rates to -0.75%. In short, we will be giving interest to people who borrow from us. We hope this will get Americans to start spending.”

Kal Penn to play Gandhi in new Oliver Stone movie on Gandhi assassination

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Controversial Hollywood director has tapped Kal Penn to play the role of Mahatma Gandhi in his new production. [link]

When Oliver Stone was presented with the script of MKG, he was stuck with the unenviable task of finding someone to play Indian leader, Gandhi. MKG stands for Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, popularly known an Mahatma Gandhi. Stone wanted an established Hollywood star, but someone who would resemble the Indian freedom fighter, who preached non-violence.

Then Stone stumbled upon his lead star while watching “The Namesake”.

“I love Indian culture. I saw Kal shave his head and his great performance in a serious role. That pretty much sealed the deal for me.”, said Stone, whose movie JFK, also featured an elaborate assassination plot. MKG is set in the background of Gandhi’s assassination and the underlying sub plots.

Gandhi was shot to death by, Nathuram Godse, a hardline Hindu nationalist. But MKG focuses on a different angel.

Even though Gandhi fell victim to the bullets of a religious extremists, Oliver Stone’s movie alleges a deeper conspiracy, a political conspiracy, one in which other Indian leaders of that time, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, and home minister, Vallabhai Patel, are shown as being involved.

The motive? Pakistan.

Says Stone, “Even members of the ruling party viewed Gandhi’s view for financial support to Pakistan as unfavorable. Nehru, on a personal note, was not happy with Gandhi having lectured him on an affair with a married woman (Mrs. Mountbatten).”

This angle predictably has come under sharp criticism in India where members of the Congress party are calling for a ban already.

“This movie depicts our great leaders in a bad light”, said Mr. Krishnan Iyer, M.B.A, M.M.S, M.S.C.S, D.D.L.J, a spokesman and up and coming member of the ruling Congress party. “We will oppose the release of this film both in India and USA. We will take director Oliver Stone to court.”

Surprisingly, members of both the ruling and opposition parties are up in arms.

“This movie depicts our Hindu religion and Indian culture in a bad light”, said Mr. Amar Prem, a spokesman and up and coming member of the opposition BJP party. The BJP is opposed to the assassination scene in particular where Stone alleges Gandhi did not utter the words “Hey Ram”. Ram is a popular Hindi god. “We will oppose the release of this film both in India and USA. We will take director Oliver Stone to court.”

Predictably, other desi stars are also expected to feature in this movie

The movie centers around a DM (district magistrate) in New Delhi who uncovers a deeper plot in the assassination of Gandhi. The protagonists roles is expected to be played by another Namesake star, Irrrrrrrrrfan Khan, and Bollywood megastar, Aishwarya Rai has been approached to play the role of Gandhi’s wife, Kasturba.

Michael Jackson to tour India in November

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Michael Jackson, the erstwhile king of pop is all set to make a $50million comeback tour which will include a trip to India, courtesy Bal Thackeray. [link]

Michael Jackson is all set for a huge $50 million comeback tour which will include London, Berlin, Tokyo, Sydney and Mumbai. Jackson, 49, is expected to collaborate with the likes of Black Eyed Peas star will.i.am, Bon Jovi and rapper 50 Cent.

“Michael will be back on stage soon. He’s been working hard in the studio mixing tracks and getting his vocals back in shape,” said a source.

“Michael’s had a tough few years. But he’s still a pop legend and wants people to remember him for his music, not his problems,” added the source.

With huge debts and controversy surrounding his private life, the singer’s career has not been in the upswing for quite some time now. The Indian leg of his tour is supported By Shiv Sena supremo, Bal Thackeray.

A spokesman for Thackeray, on Jackson’s visit timing:

We’ve arranged for Mr. Michael Jackson to visit Mumbai around November 14th for Children’s Day. Mr. Jackson will visit a school and give private dancing lessons to many children.

On arrangements to receive Jackson:

Like last time, we will have a Bollywood starlet and Marathi mulgee garland Mr. Jackson and apply tilak on his forehead. From there he will go to Balasaheb’s house where they will feed him kanda poha and cutting chai. We’ve even flushed the western toilet that Mr. Jackson used on his last visit there.

Himesh Reshammiya to collaborate with Sanjaya

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In a surprising revelation, Bollywood music director Himesh Reshammiya and American Idol finalist, Sanjaya Malakar, announced that they wrapped up work on an Indo-American collaboration album. [link]

Sanjaya and HimeshControversial American Idol finalist from season six, Sanjaya Malakar was in good spirits as he walked into the press conference. After 27 tracks spanning 2 languages (English and Hindi) his relief is well warranted.

Sanjaya, who was in the top 7 finalists of season 6 of American was beaming with joy as he described his experiences on working with Bollywood music composer, Himesh Reshammiya.

The multi lingual album titled “Call Center Cousins” will feature 27 foot tapping numbers in English and Hindi and even one in Spanish. Sanjaya, of course, will do all the singing in English and Spanish and Reshammiya, in Hindi.

The album is titled “Call Center Cousins” and features 27 numbers in Hindi, English and Spanish. The title of the album appears to be a clever play of the rumors that surfaced regarding call center workers in India voting for Sanjaya, propelling him to the top 10 finalists in season six of American Idol.

Among other numbers, Sanjaya is doing the song that shot him to fame, Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed and Delivered” in a Bhangra remix. Bhangra is a popular form of music originating from Punjab in India.

Sanjaya is also singing American Idol season six numbers – “Besame Mucho” in Spanish, and The Kinks “You really got me now”. When asked if he would sport his now famous “faux hawk”, Sanjaya coyly replied “probably not” and then admitted that this look might turn off some his Indian audiences.

Reshammiya is also expected to do a Hindi-English duet with Sanjaya titled “Sanjaya ka Suroor”.

Of course, we the Fanjayas @ Über Desi will keep you posted on these latest developments and review the album when it hits the shelves later this month.

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