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Joining the mile high club

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Desi ishtyle [link] (tip maisnon via email)

No thanks to Anurag Mathur’s The Inscrutable Americans, it has been every desi guy’s dream to join the mile high club. Murali Nookella achieved it in typical desi ishtyle and probably landed himself on the FBI no-fly list.

Say you’re a 34 year old horny male computer programmer from the subcontinent stuck on a boring cross country flight. What do you do for fun? If your name is Murali Nookella, the answer would be: pull out the male organ and start pleasuring one’s self.

A Delaware man is facing a federal criminal charge after he was caught yesterday masturbating on a plane while seated next to a female passenger.

Apparently Nookella was so into himself he did not mind sharing the view with his fellow passengers.

The woman, identified only by her initials in the affidavit, said that Nookella’s “eyes were closed and his hands moved all around his groin area” underneath a “mustard/gold blanket pulled up to his waist.” As the woman packed up her belonging to move seats, she “looked at Nookella and saw him holding his erect penis.”

On getting caught, one’s reaction would be quickly cover up and got into plausible deniability mode, or so you would think.

The woman said that Nookella remarked, “You caught me.” Nookella held a napkin in his left hand, the woman told the FBI.

And this is where, Nookella earns major accolades, not only did he not cover himself up, he actually went ahead and …. ummmm …. finished the job.

According to Nishida’s affidavit, a copy of which you’ll find below, the woman “did not look but heard a swishing sound. She thought Nookella wiped something.”

Ladeej and genteelman, Murali Nookella, the first official inductee into the mile high club – desi ishtyle.

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  • Slumdog pigs.

  • Runa

    I'm going to break our " do not feed the troll " rules and say:
    (1) Whackjob is an apt name
    (2) Make up yer mind : either dogs or pigs - not both

  • Great, another reason to ban blankets on planes.

  • Runa

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