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Feel the Force? (Force India snags teams first pole)

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Roman veteran, Giancarlo Fisichela , driving for Force India Formula 1 managed to snag the teams first pole position, this afternoon at the Belgian grand prix.

Force India, which is not considered a front running team managed this feat without rain, crazy accidents or any untoward incident. Normally that would be the only way you would see a back marker team pulling such an upset.

To their credit, Fisi’s car was not lightly fueled. With the fuel adjusted levels (an indicator or how much fuel they have, resulting in how it affects time, faster cars have less fuel – have to pit first – lost positions during the race), Fisi still says 4th. The team has also been working on upgrades and has managed to challenge the mid field rivals pretty often this season. Even with that in their bag, today is a pretty incredible day for the team.

Force India’s other driver Adrian Sutil managed to slot himself in the 11th position for tomorrow’s race.

Do not expect a live updates from us, I’m stuck in Texas at a wedding and thanks to some creatives names and an internet connection at the Sheraton, I managed to get this up in the 5 minutes I have.

Personally, I expect Force India to finish in the points, in face, I’d not be surprised if both their drives managed to get themselves a piece of the pie. This might also add momentum to the rumors that Fisi might replace ailing Luca Badoer at Ferrari for the rest of the season. Luca is sitting in for Felipe Massa and has come last in both the qualifying sessions he started.

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  • Sunil

    I saw the race yesterday and was really impressed with the way the car performed and kudos to Fisi for some amazing driving. If not for Kimi's KERS FI would have had this race very easily. They did everything right from the word GO and on a couple of instances Fisi was close to overtaking Kimi. Nevertheless, full credit to the team and it was a delight to see the Indian owned team to be there along with the likes of Ferrai and Red Bull. Lets hope this is just the beginning and there is more to come.

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