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The Big Bang Theory: Raj and arranged marriage

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CBS show “The Big Bang Theory” ran an episode last night showing Raj (Kunal Nayyar) getting pressured by his parents to meet up with a girl they chose for him.

RajRaj and his 17″ Macbook Pro
img: via CBS

To those unfamiliar with The Big Bang Theory (TBBT) show, so am I. This is the first season for this show on CBS. The show features a bunch of socially challenged geeks living across the hall from a blonde bombshell and the (lack of) dynamics therein.

Raj, played by Kunal, is the token Indian guy among the bunch of geeks who:
#1. Has a thick Indian accent
#2. Walks around with his 17″ Macbook Pro
#3. Is afraid to speak to women

Just when you thought the cup of generalizations overfloweth, we also find out that Raj’s parents are trying to arrange his marriage. Get it? Indian geek. Arranged marriage (#4). Anyway Raj discovers that alcohol cures his inhibitions around women (imagine that). So he takes his date to a bar where the blonde girl is a bartender, gets drunk and antagonizes his date so much, she ends up leaving with one of Raj’s white friends. White guy gets nerdy Indian guy’s hot Indian girl (#5).

Overall the episode was funny in parts. A couple of jokes were sort of insider’ish. For instance, one of Raj’s friend calls him “confused” about his culture, sort of alluding to him being an ABD with the dreaded “C” but overall I was turned off by the stereotyping and generalizations. Did anyone else catch this episode or any other episodes featuring Raj? What did you think about Raj and his part on the show?

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  • Nice. You gotta make a banner out of that

  • Santosh

    FWIW, I do think since that episode, Raj's character has evolved and come into this own. Big Bang Theory has become one of the underrated and more funnier sitcoms.

  • zeon

    An Indian geek with "an accent" about to have his marriage arranged for him, isnt that orignal? Its funny how American moron media manges to paint a billion multi-lingual people with diverse culture spread over 6 different continents with the same brush, even while knowing so little about that except that ..............all of them have a thick accent, all of them have arranged marriage, all of them eat curry, all of them are computer nerds.

    Although all of them would have to have an accent for sure..... it could be North Indian, South Indian, Trinidadian, Guyanese, Fijian, Malay-Singaporean, South African, East African, British or even "American accent". Only Americans think they are the ones that dont have an accent while the rest of the world does.

  • I love this show...its great. Watch the halloween episode i laughed so hard i cried.

  • Nice. You gotta make a banner out of that.

  • Shlok,
    I've come up with a new slogan for us.
    UD: We spot desis on sidey network television shows so you don't have to.

  • We do our share of hard work watching crappy shows on network television

    Hey now. Don't sell yourself short, Santosh. Youtube too. ;)

  • Shlok,
    Thanks. We do our share of hard work watching crappy shows on network television :-)

  • Thanks, Santosh. Also, good catch. It seems UD seems to catch Desi kids on T.V. before any. Sanjaya just came to mind.

  • His real name in the show is Rajesh Koothrappali.

  • That's a real orignial first name.

  • Is it just me or is there a big bang of Desis on TV nowadays?

    Yet to catch the show, but it is going on my DVR later today.

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